I need in normal life

Hi my dear friend! My name is Alyona and i stay alone. I'm student. I am forced to work hard for life. I suffer from anorexia because of hard work and study at the Institute. I dont eat and sleep.I need to pay for the apartment because it will be taken away for non-payment. Please help me. My ...

  • 15 август 2018 |
  • 16:08 |
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Help my Please

Hello I will not write much about their problems in which I nujdayus I just want to say Help me just 1 rublu if each pay me 1 rouble I will not collect a lot of money on personal zhizni and you do not mind twist 1 rouble I will not write much 'if I'm asking for help so I need it) Voi my ...

  • 6 август 2018 |
  • 19:08 |
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Help me please!!!!!

hello everyone, my life turned upside down. I became a victim of scammers and now I'm in a debt pit. help me get out of it. The good comes back doubly. In the age of civilization, I do not want to be a slave. if anyone can help me, then write me to the post office and I'll write where to send your ...

  • 3 август 2018 |
  • 22:08 |
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Need help for happiness of my disadvantaged son

Hello, People. I am mommy from the small country Belarus. My sonny Vitya is 11 years old, he is the disabled person and he is chained to a carriage. We are very sick and sad for the last time. We need your kindness and support. We never looked for the sponsor as others do it. All we did by own ...

  • 24 июль 2018 |
  • 16:07 |
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Нужна операция младшему сыну.

I am the mother of three children at a time in the situation, Now my son needs a plastic surgery to get the nodule in the neck, we tried to knock out the quota, we were denied! Help to ask no longer where I alone pull children their age of 8 years, 5 years and 3 years, in June give birth! The ...

  • 13 апрель 2018 |
  • 14:04 |
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We need help

In the fall of 2014 with his wife got into an accident due to a trauma of the trigeminal nerve she lost her eyesight recovery is very long, twice a year she undergoes treatment at the Alloplant clinic in Ufa, the operation costs about 800 dollars. While working was coping, but trouble does not come ...

  • 11 апрель 2018 |
  • 08:04 |
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Мечтаю о собственной квартире в городе!!!

Hello everyone !! I study, work, rent an apartment, I need to pay rent of an apartment, I do not know how to pay my rent, I do not even know what to do, there is no one to help my relatives! Thank you for understanding !!! Yandex money: 410015584279847 Kiwi KOPILKA with the world on a thread who ...

  • 3 апрель 2018 |
  • 05:04 |
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Payment of a course on numerology and the opening

My name is Liana. Tomorrow begins a course in numerology. Its price is 35 000 rubles. Also, technical means are needed to open a business. A computer for working at home is 30,000 rubles. Notebook for working on trips 40 000 rubles. A smartphone for communication is 20 000 rubles. To attract ...

  • 18 февраль 2018 |
  • 13:02 |
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Dream family home

Peace be with you! Our family dream of own house. I'm raising two children. Son of seven years is attending school. Daughter 16 months. According to the law of the Russian Federation are in holiday on care of the child till one and a half years ( medical sister) . Husband can't get a paying job - ...

  • 24 январь 2018 |
  • 22:01 |
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Need help for my son

Hello! My name is Max. I have 2 sons. One of them needs surgery, neurology. He is only 5 years old. And I'm very afraid of the future. I beg you. I sold the apartment, but still not enough money. Help, give life to my child. We need about €80 thousand more. Every day I spend a lot on medicines. ...

  • 21 январь 2018 |
  • 22:01 |
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  • 03-08-2018 - Oksana

    Pleas help me. Donbass Ukrain. money.yandex.ru/to/410015187831537

      Help please
  • 01-10-2017 - Алексей Николаевич Чебыкин

    Good day to all! Ashamed to ask,but nowhere to go. Help to get out of debt. All was well until I

      Dream of the car
  • 27-08-2017 - Alexander1156

    Where to get rich people? Help me find such a person, please!

      I ask for help!
  • 27-08-2017 - Alexander1156

    I ask for your help! I am 60 years old. Help me please. My Savings Bank (World) 2202 2003 8619 3484

      Lord foreigners, help!
  • 07-08-2017 - Ninok

    Hello. Asking for help from people who are really willing to help. My situation is complicated and

      please help
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