Dreams come true? Want to see)

Good evening to all! I just want to see how much you can collect in a month. From 4 February to 4 March. I would be grateful everyone and everything)) I will try to publish on March 5. Thank you all. ...

  • 2 февраль 2018 |
  • 23:02 |
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Money for pay the loan

I'm a young mother, I'm 23 years old! I beg you to help me with money! I want to pay the loan and live happily with my daughter! I will be glad to any help! do not be indifferent! can for someone it is not big money, but they will save our life! We need $ 600 Help please! Webmoney: Z626417522743 ...

  • 19 ноябрь 2017 |
  • 00:11 |
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Help to get out of debt lonely girl

I'm a girl, I am 25 years old. So there were circumstances, that, knowing the consequences, I had to apply several microfinance organizations, there was no choice. Relatives, upon learning of my financial difficulties, asked the court to deprive me of registration by place of residence, fearing ...

  • 19 июль 2017 |
  • 13:07 |
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Problems with loans, mortgages, and health.

Hello, my name is Alex, I'm 28 years old, live in Moscow. My story starts six years ago, but miss three years, as it can not all. Three years ago, had an accident, with the subsequent hospitalization and treatment for 3 months, but had dealt with it, got to his feet and continued to live, but the ...

  • 9 апрель 2017 |
  • 19:04 |
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