Dreams come true? Want to see)

Good evening to all! I just want to see how much you can collect in a month. From 4 February to 4 March. I would be grateful everyone and everything)) I will try to publish on March 5. Thank you all. ...

  • 2 февраль 2018 |
  • 23:02 |
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Dream of home

Hello all people, who will read my story) My name is Svetlana. I am a teacher. I live with my young son. Now I want to ask for my old dream. It is a home for me) The teacher's salary is very small. We rent an apartment, so you can not accumulate on your own housing. I sincerely believe that dreams ...

  • 23 июль 2017 |
  • 16:07 |
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We dream with my daughter about my own home !!!

Hello, I very much ask for help !!! It so happened in my life that I was left alone with a one-year-old baby. We are now living in a rented room, since my ex-husband was driven out of our apartment! I hope the world is not without good people, and will help to save up for own apartment! I will be ...

  • 30 апрель 2017 |
  • 05:04 |
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My dream!

I am student and I dream about big family, good work, beautiful garden or backyard and, of course, about my own house. I believe that there are good caring people in the world, who knows what that dream is means. I hope all of them got what they wanted. I believe my big dream come true. I want to ...

  • 22 февраль 2017 |
  • 17:02 |
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I want to live together

Due to the financial situation, can not live with his wife and child together! She lives with her parents, I have their own! We want to stay in my apartment and that the child had their own room main first month, and then, I'm sure everything will be Qiwi - 9082935059 ...

  • 12 январь 2017 |
  • 03:01 |
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My dream is to give the child the joy.

To begin with, my name is Natalia. I am 42 years old, I live in Tomsk Region in Tomsk. For a long time I could not have children. In 2009, I had a girl on term of 27 weeks, lived for 26 days, the doctors could not save her. The reason for such a birth early pregnancy, my diagnoz Preeclampsia. Three ...

  • 17 декабрь 2016 |
  • 20:12 |
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