huge debts, help

Hello. My name is Daria, I'm 25 years old. My situation is almost hopeless, but I decided to make a last effort to fix something. It is difficult to step over yourself and ask strangers for help, it's even more difficult to admit your own failure, but I do not see any other way out. A year ago I ...

  • 24 январь 2018 |
  • 15:01 |
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I dream to part with debts

Happiness, child, appeared for me! Wanted to give to the son everything the best, in fact he is my drop of blood and deserves on it in full. Folded so, that debts that it is not been in strength to pay grew in course of time. A husband works with might and main, but it is enough only to liquidate ...

  • 3 август 2017 |
  • 11:08 |
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i need home(

Hello. My name is Anatoliy, i live in Odessa. In connection with the debts i was kicked out into the street. Help me please. 26255008509669 - this is my bank account. ...

  • 18 май 2017 |
  • 08:05 |
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donation with paypall me