Hello my name is Tim. I have got to a difficult sitution because of which I can lose work. To wait for financial aid not from where as I am an orphan. I work in police.card number 5282 8594 6444 0145 Tel.89248884735 ...

  • 17 август 2018 |
  • 06:08 |
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Help please

I beg you people good. Was in a terrible situation, an urgent need for 30,000 to take did not work, decided to take a microloan. Fell for a quick approval well, and took. A month later began to call to demand a refund, and for the month the debt rose to 55,000 rubles. I almost got heart attack from ...

  • 25 июль 2018 |
  • 16:07 |
  • 103
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Very scary, help pay

I took a loan to my daughter for a massage, wrote here I asked for help, for friends by acquaintances, but not who did not hold, because they understand that there is nothing to give. I live alone with a child. We live on a 3,600 loan, I did not have a way out and climbed into a loan in Credito 24 ...

  • 6 январь 2018 |
  • 16:01 |
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Dream - no credit

I would never have thought I'd write to ask for help. I heard that there are people who help somebody who is in a desperate situation. I understand perfectly well that it's even funny to give money to everyone you meet. But there is always hope ... Due to the constant lack of opportunity (money), ...

  • 7 декабрь 2017 |
  • 13:12 |
  • 180
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Help to see my mom!

Good day, dear reader! I never believed that Internet can help me, but apparently it remained the last hope. My story is stupid and banal, but it put me in a position of poverty and self-hatred. It all started with the fact that I got a very nice place in one of the reputable companies with ...

  • 24 октябрь 2017 |
  • 01:10 |
  • 182
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Please, help my family.

Hello, good people. The first thing I want to say is the words of gratitude that such a site generally exists in such a complex and contradictory world as ours. My name is Julia. I am 30 years old. My family was in a difficult situation. Most recently, I became a mother 3 times. No, I'm not alone, ...

  • 19 октябрь 2017 |
  • 22:10 |
  • 196
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help the young mommy

Good day to all visitors of this website.Writes You mother of three babies. I was in a terrible situation. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and got into debt. Asked to take a loan and after receiving the money disappeared.Now I'm working on repayment of the loan and the life there is nothing left. ...

  • 16 октябрь 2017 |
  • 04:10 |
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The Social Internet Bank

Hello. There is an old dream, to organize the social Internet bank in which it is possible to take a loan for any needs, under very low interest (1-2% a year). It is meant that the bank will contain on donations. It will be the website on which the person needing the help, is registered, enters the ...

  • 26 сентябрь 2017 |
  • 17:09 |
  • 195
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Please help, dying

Good time of day. Long hesitated to write, but I'm desperate. At the same time ashamed, but to live. Five years ago I got married as I thought for a normal person. Did not notice how came this man in a huge pit, out of which I can not find. Husband dependent on loans, in debt. Fraudulently and ...

  • 19 август 2017 |
  • 04:08 |
  • 160
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Discharge and credit, i need a help(

So, i was without work and money and nobody was able to lend me. I decided to take a credit (1000 grn ? 40-50$). In Ukraine it's quite big money. I thought that in a month i'll find work and make credit story will finish. Yes, i found work but the salary was so miserable, i even hadn't money for ...

  • 2 август 2017 |
  • 22:08 |
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  • 03-08-2018 - Oksana

    Pleas help me. Donbass Ukrain.

      Help please
  • 01-10-2017 - Алексей Николаевич Чебыкин

    Good day to all! Ashamed to ask,but nowhere to go. Help to get out of debt. All was well until I

      Dream of the car
  • 27-08-2017 - Alexander1156

    Where to get rich people? Help me find such a person, please!

      I ask for help!
  • 27-08-2017 - Alexander1156

    I ask for your help! I am 60 years old. Help me please. My Savings Bank (World) 2202 2003 8619 3484

      Lord foreigners, help!
  • 07-08-2017 - Ninok

    Hello. Asking for help from people who are really willing to help. My situation is complicated and

      please help
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