apartment , credit

Dreaming of finally get their apartment.... But it is necessary first to pay off loans :(( My husband is constantly working, I try to do the job, but does not always work out, it is necessary to devote time to children and chores((( Please help me? PayPal.Me: (https://paypal.me/irinafavorite). ...

  • 6 апрель 2018 |
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Помогите пожалуйста. У меня остался непогашеный кредит (115000 грн), а проценты растут каждый день. С основной работы сократили, а подработки на все нехватает, 2 детей(садик, школа), квартира сьемная, так как своей нет, жена получает минималку и то хватает только на еду. Старший только был ...

  • 25 март 2018 |
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Мечтаю о жизни без долгов

Здравствуйте, добрые люди! Просрочка уже несколько дней, срочно нужно оплачивать. Срочно нужны хотя б 5тр, не знаю как фото добавить, показать, что не обманываю. Никогда бы не подумала, что придется просить помощи, кто, чем может помогите пожалуйста. Кто советом, кто делом... Кто-то может ...

  • 17 март 2018 |
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Very scary, help pay

I took a loan to my daughter for a massage, wrote here I asked for help, for friends by acquaintances, but not who did not hold, because they understand that there is nothing to give. I live alone with a child. We live on a 3,600 loan, I did not have a way out and climbed into a loan in Credito 24 ...

  • 6 январь 2018 |
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Dream - no credit

I would never have thought I'd write to ask for help. I heard that there are people who help somebody who is in a desperate situation. I understand perfectly well that it's even funny to give money to everyone you meet. But there is always hope ... Due to the constant lack of opportunity (money), ...

  • 7 декабрь 2017 |
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a losing struggle with debt

Hello everyone. I apologize for such a trivial request. but, for me it is a matter between life and death, I'm sorry. we came here from Kyrgyzstan, I, my two children and mother. and at home, and here we are trying to do to solve their problems, one that does not burden. in the family we always ...

  • 11 ноябрь 2017 |
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Help to see my mom!

Good day, dear reader! I never believed that Internet can help me, but apparently it remained the last hope. My story is stupid and banal, but it put me in a position of poverty and self-hatred. It all started with the fact that I got a very nice place in one of the reputable companies with ...

  • 24 октябрь 2017 |
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Please, help my family.

Hello, good people. The first thing I want to say is the words of gratitude that such a site generally exists in such a complex and contradictory world as ours. My name is Julia. I am 30 years old. My family was in a difficult situation. Most recently, I became a mother 3 times. No, I'm not alone, ...

  • 19 октябрь 2017 |
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help the young mommy

Good day to all visitors of this website.Writes You mother of three babies. I was in a terrible situation. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and got into debt. Asked to take a loan and after receiving the money disappeared.Now I'm working on repayment of the loan and the life there is nothing left. ...

  • 16 октябрь 2017 |
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The Social Internet Bank

Hello. There is an old dream, to organize the social Internet bank in which it is possible to take a loan for any needs, under very low interest (1-2% a year). It is meant that the bank will contain on donations. It will be the website on which the person needing the help, is registered, enters the ...

  • 26 сентябрь 2017 |
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