Верю в помощь

Моя история очень долгая если писать в подробностях , но я постараюсь изложить суть. Я стала жить с человеком через некоторое время у нас появился ребёнок потом я узнала, что он играет и появились долги многое пришлось пережить , но самое страшное было когда начали угрожать мне и моему ребенку. В ...

  • 6 июнь 2018 |
  • 17:06 |
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Need 30000 for urgent payment of utility bills

Hello good people! My name is Marina! Our family lives very modestly, in the range of the 20000r., the city is very hard work. Spinning hard. We live in a Dorm where utilities believe the number of residents. Us live three, my husband and daughter 3 years old. Enough money back to back just for the ...

  • 12 декабрь 2017 |
  • 21:12 |
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My dream is to close the loan.

Good day, my wife and I hired a loan for the completion of the house as we needed nor given but we had to do so that you could hibernate from the beginning, everything seems to be fine and we paid but here where neither was expecting I was laid off from work I have no spouse works as a disability ...

  • 11 июль 2017 |
  • 17:07 |
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to pay the loan

please help to pay the last payment on the loan. can't pay the full amount. there was a delay of 3 months( was out of work)dripped 40t.R is now gradually fails to pay, the money goes nowhere. the Bank said only the entire payment must be paid. Bank Keyinvest. the number of the card of Sberbank: ...

  • 30 июнь 2017 |
  • 12:06 |
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I want to not hurt children, to avoid debt

Until recently, all was well. I am the mother of two children, son is studying in 11th grade and daughter is only 2.7 years old. Live in a rented apartment there. Daughter is often sick, I cannot work, the child allowance is 1200 rubles. Good people help, the debt of 300 thousand, money for ...

  • 16 февраль 2017 |
  • 09:02 |
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please help

Hello, my name is Leonid I'm 20 years old this year graduated from college, specialty electric and gas welder, to work do not take as it is not the time, living with his mother and younger brother, he goes to school, my mother works receives 15,000 thousand is now settled caretaker but is do not ...

  • 30 ноябрь 2016 |
  • 18:11 |
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