Please, help my family.

Hello, good people. The first thing I want to say is the words of gratitude that such a site generally exists in such a complex and contradictory world as ours. My name is Julia. I am 30 years old. My family was in a difficult situation. Most recently, I became a mother 3 times. No, I'm not alone, ...

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help the young mommy

Good day to all visitors of this website.Writes You mother of three babies. I was in a terrible situation. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and got into debt. Asked to take a loan and after receiving the money disappeared.Now I'm working on repayment of the loan and the life there is nothing left. ...

  • 16 октябрь 2017 |
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Help me

Dear friends! I ask about the help. If you can and have a wish to help, please help me. I need a recovery in the clinic after the car accident. I must pay 1000 dollars or 56000 roubles. I can't earn myself now. I ask you about the help. I have two small kids and I am in a difficult situation ...

  • 29 сентябрь 2017 |
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Help me. I want to feel like a woman

Hello! I ask for your help. I' m 26 years old and 13 of them I feel shame. I can't create healthy relationships, I can't be open for man. It's a big problem for me to go to beach or just go to shopping and buy a nice dress. And that's because of my breasts! I don't have them and I feel like a guy, ...

  • 29 сентябрь 2017 |
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Please HELP save the life of my only son

People! I need you very much. Your help is very important for us now. Please HELP save the life of my only son, Evgeniy Kuraksin. He is 28 years old . Diagnosis: Infected Endocarditis. He is need of an urgent replacement of his Tricuspid Valve which is located between the right atrium and ...

  • 28 сентябрь 2017 |
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The Social Internet Bank

Hello. There is an old dream, to organize the social Internet bank in which it is possible to take a loan for any needs, under very low interest (1-2% a year). It is meant that the bank will contain on donations. It will be the website on which the person needing the help, is registered, enters the ...

  • 26 сентябрь 2017 |
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Lost money

Hello, I am a 3rd year student of the Institute. I don't have enough money for new shoes. Autumn is coming. I need $ 100. Please help! My webmoney : 571751994558. ...

  • 21 сентябрь 2017 |
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Asking for help from all over the world-debt inter

Asking for help from all over the world-debt interfere with normal life . my daughter is 16 , she entered the Institute of culture , she is a pianist . Money is needed for education and travel to international competitions and are in debt , have no time to earn interest is high -for God's Sake ...

  • 20 сентябрь 2017 |
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Help cure a daughter in the NewYork-Presbyterian H

Dear people! I ask your help to cure my only daughter !!! We live in Russia. And now, 3 years my daughter can not prescribe treatment. They can not make a diagnosis !!! We went all the best clinics in Russia, the best doctors, but no one has not helped us! NO ONE! I want to examine and treat a ...

  • 16 сентябрь 2017 |
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I ask for financial assistance

Hello dear friends, my name is klyushin alexey, I want to ask you for help. our family had serious financial difficulties, I lost my job and there was nothing to pay for a mortgage loan, I need to make 50,000 dollars to buy an apartment from the bank. I myself can not find such a sum. therefore it ...

  • 16 сентябрь 2017 |
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