Help please, who can

Hi! People with kind and sensitive hearts!! Don't let stay on the street ((looking through notes, and help, and, unfortunately, no...please help, what can I need money for rent anyway, another 10,000 will turn out, the loan even can not borrow, because credit history is ruined. After 6 days I'm ...

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Help me please

Hello! My name is Nadia, I'm 24 years old. I want to share my problems as I don't know what to do. Write here the concerned people, asking for aid ( ( (In connection with a severe financial problem I took the credit in Bank, paid on time, delinquency was not and did not love it until he was left ...

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Help me

Hello, I want to share my problem: I am an ordinary person, work, live in a rented apartment, raising two small children. Recently took out a loan to build a house, but alas realized that the money is already there, there is a box, roof, window, door. I need to do floors, boiler, heating, ...

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beg for help!!!

Hello!beg for help!! my daughter's 1 year, she underwent heart surgery, need money to recover. I took a big loan, but the money is not enough! PLEASE HELP! my e-mail for communication ...

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Dream to arrange a holiday once a year

Hello! I congratulate all with coming New year! Let him be all joyful outgoing. And when else, if not for the New year to talk about dreams?! Compared to other posts my situation doesn't seem difficult life situation. After all, I'm not asking neither for treatment nor for closing credit, and any ...

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World Your Home

I ask, I'm looking, I'm knocking, I'll pray for you, servant of God Andor myetherwallet 0xC84BEdBe94291bE11e1eBb59D3cA4B24F45265b2 ...

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I am a single mom.My daughter got burned and all the money I spend on hospital and medication,now I have a debt for two months at the apartment,I don't know how to live,I want to evict 3 Jan,save me,for our country this is big money,I asked everyone that I know,but I still have one,I need 350$for ...

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Black And White Print, Cotton Interlock? From Exeter Sewing Machines 150 X 2m

This instructable shall cover the basics of hand sewing - tools needed, threading the needle, knotting the thread, operating stitch, basting stitch, backstitch, slipstitch, blanket stitch, whip stitch and completing with knots. ...

  • 24 декабрь 2017 |
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My small family fell into a difficult situation

I'm a single mother. My mom recently went blind with a stroke. I can not work. No one to help. I went to extreme measures. Alimony does not get. Only 533 rubles for children. Mom is a retired disabled after a stroke. Help is not to wait from where. There is no one to leave my son to work with. The ...

  • 23 декабрь 2017 |
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Help me leave Russia for America

Hello, the people of America. My name is Helen Andrews. I live in Russia, in Siberia. I was born in America. Where exactly, I don't know. My parents came to Russia when I was 2 years old. A year later they died. Then I got to the orphanage. Now I rent an apartment and work as a nurse in the ...

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