Money on expensive medication.

Hello! My name is Gulnara. My diagnosis: ulcerative colitis , chronic relapsing continuously, a total lesion of severe degree of severity, complications: steroidozawisimoy. For the treatment need drug Remicade. Expensive. Please, please, need help! Much as you can! Transfer Western Union: Gulnara ...

  • 13 декабрь 2016 |
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Flat rent

Sorry if I write wrong. I do not know much English (I am ashamed), and translators translate incorrectly.  It so happened that I am now in a very difficult financial situation. Soon me and my boyfriend will have nowhere to live. To rent an apartment, he wants to sell his computer. But the ...

  • 3 декабрь 2016 |
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Please Help Us-My Family Needs Your Help

Large family in need of help If you want to do good, help a large family. In the new housing need children and adults. One of the children required surgery. One of the areas of social programs of our country – to support large families. But, despite the fact that it is the duty ...

  • 27 ноябрь 2016 |
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Dream children

Hello. Silly, of course. I understand that people come into such groups in hope to embody the dreams, but not сцелью to present someone. Once I dreamed of much. But with the birth of children, I have understood that there is only one dream, and it is most important! That children were happy.I ...

  • 25 ноябрь 2016 |
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Help with clothes please. The fire victims. My mai I would be very grateful for any help. Documents that fire victims have. Help please a little money. Good things will happen. My 89512046950 ...

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dream about my house

Hello! Don't even know where to start, as you read articles on this site, I realized that I'm not so bad, but to find a way out of the situation still can not. I am a mother of two children, the eldest daughter is already 15 years old, and a little here turns a year old. For a long time my husband ...

  • 22 ноябрь 2016 |
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Help me please

Please help with the purchase of a dog, I want to own a pug, and it costs 120 dollar, I will be very grateful to all who will take part in my purse on... on paypall Thanks! ...

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