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Gallery will die if I do not buy a new PC

I paint digital oil painting portraits.
my gallery is here:

I'm drawing using a Wacom One Small tablet (CTL-471) + PC (Windows 7)

I need to urgently buy a new computer because this one, which I have now, almost died. This is my only source of income. I can not buy a new PC in the loan because the loan will not give me because I'm on maternity leave.
a new computer for graphics (I need only iron, my iiyama monitor E2078ND is still ok) costs (with installation) about 2500 dollars. I can not earn such a sum quickly. Please, help.
This is a unique style of volumetric strokes. I developed this technique because I lost the opportunity to paint with real oil (a very small room in which I live and a small child.) The oil has a very strong smell.

Thank you so much!

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