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Hello, everybody. First of all, I want to congratulate everyone on this holiday. Easter. I have a iron 5 s. Which is located in a deplorable state. For repairing it you need as I said in the service of 2,800. This cost will include the replacement of the display and the speaker. Which is located at the top. ( spoken) this iron lies in such a able already month 2. Restore does not work. Since I'm a family man and the money goes to the family. I beg you who may your finances throw off please to 1 ruble for kiwi purse. I hope to remove them then from there you can ( transfer card or by some other means ) to pay for the repair of your iPhone. I don't ask. If you typed any amount I'll add my own. Thank you in advance. Photos of the iPhone I'll post. My kiwi + 79226247093. If need be will take pictures of the check ( on the provision of repairs in terms of Pochinok phone. Also the phone itself is in puchinina condition.

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