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please help I'm desperate

Hello, please help me I'm desperate my name is Karen 2 years ago climbed into debt in the amount of 7000 dollars for the treatment of parents, in the same month my mother broke her leg operated on and put the implant in two weeks my father had a stroke. I went to work in another country to close the debts in the beginning everything was fine and I closed part of the debt. At the end of last year, I stole all my savings and I ran out of visa and I had to go back. Again climbed into a small debt now my debt is $ 4,000 and I already have to close them. Banks refuse to give me credit since I'm officially not working (although I already got a job but unofficially) . Please help!!! If someone can give me in debt I'll pay back in 6-7 months just I need to close my current debt. Contact me by e-mail; my visa card 4276 3000 4963 0042. Please help!!! Thanks.

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