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Good afternoon. Previously I went on the sites, without registration send 50 Yes 100 rubles people, of course maybe it was a Scam...but this on their conscience will remain. And now she was in a terrible situation.Lived with a young man, he had me 10 years younger, loved to madness...he was not working, lived on my money, he took loans, he left me, I pitas to get out of the pit I lost myself even more ...gained loans in MFO..to close the same..tied in a debt hole....get out... Iuvu one with a child 10 years old son I completely understand that money is enough tyutelku the nose, not asking for extra time or anything! I know it's my fault...But I can't live like this anymore..sleep at night there...sorry son, I can't its no where to settle...Thank you all who responds to the. map of the savings Bank 5469 4900 1149 8942 Maybe there are people who can give the loan of course with a small percentage under the bill, to close all this change and calm to pay 10 000 per month...only please scammers do not disturb (on someone else's grief does not need to cash in)...my email is gadunina@mail.ru

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