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Restoration of teeth.

Hello! My name is Ian, I'm 28 years old. Asking for help on prosthetics and treatment of teeth. It so happened that I was in their younger years remained practically no front teeth and patients back. Plus, this "happiness" I began badly bleeding gums. It started before pregnancy, I at that time had one small hole on front tooth, I accordingly went to treat him. Nerve was removed sealed and everything was fine. During pregnancy, lost a filling, and my gynecologist categorize forbade me to do anything, like give birth and then treat you. Towards the end of pregnancy was already a nightmare, one tooth almost raskrylsya, which was near also started to come. On back teeth tooth decay one, now gums. At the moment, I have one solution - prosthetics, gum treatment, and attempts to save at least some teeth. All of this requires money, dentistry today is expensive. With my salary I surely never will do, money is all I need .So I decided to ask for help from the people, can be lucky. For all not indifferent my purse Yandex 410012039318454, the card of the savings Bank 5469 5900 0381 1067.

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