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on a precipice

Good morning... Maybe today, go to this website people who will help me free of charge... To write has already been written here... I will say one thing, if today don't have the money to 17.00, you will lose everything and who is very dear.. it's a shame and see no way out of this situation... All attempts to find ... Exhausted and hands down... Heart's in the right place and it hurts my soul.... Thank you to those who respond... VTB24 - 5368291008047557, there is another map of the world Bank - 4132030101918746. Maybe someone more convenient to translate on the card SAT here room 676196000075278755 (map is not mine, so if not difficult to specify the message - clean)... Thank you all for your attention and good luck!!! Please help...(((((

  • 12-02-2018 |
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