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Hello. My name is Daria, I'm 25 years old. My situation is almost hopeless, but I decided to make a last effort to fix something. It is difficult to step over yourself and ask strangers for help, it's even more difficult to admit your own failure, but I do not see any other way out.

A year ago I was seriously ill, could not diagnose for a long time, I had to borrow from acquaintances and creditors for treatment. I managed to recover, but at the moment my debts are about 250 thousand. The most part is interest. The most unpleasant thing is that some of the money is taken from microfinance companies, that is, refinancing is not available to me. Until recently, I managed to keep everything under control, even partially pay, but when the IP, to which I worked, learned about the debts, I was fired, as the collector calls were afraid. Now I'm at a dead end. There is a part-time job, but it is enough only to pay interest.

Help please get out of this nightmare. I'm not a fraud and not a spender, wanting easy money. If necessary, I can confirm my reality and my debts, my mail is I would gladly take it on loan, with the opportunity to give it monthly, in banks, unfortunately, they do not give me because of great credit and now unemployment. The card number of the Savings Bank is 4276134003481948, Yandex money 410014786626626, there is a PayPal.

Thanks to those who read.

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