Need 30000 for urgent payment of utility bills

Hello good people! My name is Marina! Our family lives very modestly, in the range of the 20000r., the city is very hard work. Spinning hard. We live in a Dorm where utilities believe the number of residents. Us live three, my husband and daughter 3 years old. Enough money back to back just for the food, travel and pay for daycare, pay for loans and sometimes buy some things for my daughter, mostly in Sedona. Formed large the communal debt, more 30000r. We are in the court costs we will pay. Please help us threatening to cut off has already been called, tactfully threatened... we physically do not have time to repay the entire amount at her husband's hands fall, and so he works 2 jobs and already half a year without a single day off. Please, who than can help!!! Are unable to think about anything anymore and are ashamed to ask and nowhere to go((( someone can help with clothing and shoes for a girl 3-3.5 years, the growth 98cm, size of the Shoe 23, will take in any form, winter and summer. Very hard, so do not refuse any help! The number of the card of Sberbank: 5469 3002 6093 7344 Marina Nikolaevna. In advance thank you all for the help! Um, God bless everyone!

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