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Dream about my own home

Hello everyone! My name is Yaroslav, i 24 years old man and live in Lviv this is city of Ukraine. I love my country and want to live in Ukraine, and want to have my own home in Lviv, this is my dream! You ask me why this is dream? I have a answer. This is dream because life in my country very hard for simple peoples, and if you want to have your own home you must work very hard for many years for buy something! When i told about many years i mean really a lot of years, more then 10 and maybe more then 20. I have a job, i finish university but i am simple man and dont have a lot of money. But i working a lot for making my dreams true! I want to have family and kids, but this is imposible for me because i must have home first! This is why i ask about help me with my dreams! I would grateful for any kind of help, be it one dollar or a few cents! Thank you for your atention and i belive in good peoples! Dreams must come true)
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