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Good afternoon or evening one as it will.
Natalia I disabled the first group in a wheelchair request financial assistance at all is not equal to the stuffy and responsive people who have or had a dream.
The fact that my husband and I live in Siberia, we have now minus 45 degrees outside, and this is not the chapel and minus 59 degrees there, and the houses of 14 degrees. We very much want to live where the heat had this year in Sochi we really liked. What would we need to move around 60000dolarov or 3,000,000 rubles. Please help because we ourselves can not cope with this amount of money we are both disabled and working, we do not have a husband cares for me like for a small child and can not work. Parents are very little old. Help beg here my coordinates Sberbank card Moestro 639002649011214092 e mail tel. + 79234180108

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