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Hello,tow truck you can tell my dream that cannot come true,well not really,a lifelong dream is own company,a couple of three cars,a tow truck,a manipulator and a crane of some sort,but due to the circumstances of the condition is not real.No way.Absolutely no way.Feel to realize his dream only in the next life if you are born a man,healthy,not rickets.I'm married and have young children.We live badly.Very much so.Previously he was a truck driver and the mechanic worked,I updated,now sitting at home on the farm and I go to the doctors.So actually,now I want to try to get out somehow from this situation and collected money for the cheapest Russian tow truck.Want to help his wife .We considered the loan. We first do not give it,and if they give you under such interest that he was not to pay until the end of life.Completely starve then.To postpone,to save from the salary of his wife,is not an option,because there is nothing to postpone.I have to say to work at his uncle with a constant schedule, someone I had not,sorry,but I don't want to publicly explain why their schools health.Thanks that read up to the end of this text and if you suddenly want to help me,here is my for communication
Thank you all!

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