My dream is to give the child the joy.

To begin with, my name is Natalia. I am 42 years old, I live in Tomsk Region
in Tomsk. For a long time I could not have children. In 2009, I had a girl
on term of 27 weeks, lived for 26 days, the doctors could not save her. The reason for such a birth
early pregnancy, my diagnoz Preeclampsia. Three years it took me to recover from the loss.
In 2015, I gave birth to a boy. Because of my diagnosis, I was born weighing 540 grams per
period of 24 weeks in Tomsk Perinatal Center. Thanks to Tomsk doctors and their equipment,
My child lives.
At birth weight of 0.540 kg, length 30 cm.
The main diagnosis: Prematurity 24 weeks. ENMT.MGV.PKV 1 month 2nedeli.Postnatalnaya
malnutrition. Related: BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia, pulmonary), severe course.
Nosocomial pneumonia, the period of convalescence. Retinopathy of prematurity, stage regression threshold,
induced by laser coagulation of the retina in both eyes on 5/22/15. IVH 1st.
Subependymal cysts with 2 sides. HIE, convulsions, PP CAP, clipping (03.19.15).
Osteopenia of prematurity. anemia of prematurity, blood transfusion №7. Pahovomashonochnaya hernia on the right
neuschemlёnnaya. Transient hypothyroidism.

The bottom line is that being on maternity leave receive monthly child allowance $ 8. Money is not enough.
Prices are rising. And as you want and live.

we reach this point can not in kindergarten, because (as it is said in the diagnosis), to be
surgery on an inguinal hernia, followed by adaptation, then rehabilitation. Only then will the council of physicians
our admission to kindergarten. God forbid the summer and go to kindergarten, and then to work for me. My job
Now no one would take such a worker, as you know nobody wants to help us not to anyone.
On the topic of benefits and assistance in their region, I applied everywhere, in all instances. Help job,
Annual child. Limit exhausted aid, credits, debts -davyat, life is not possible.
In anticipation -The new year, I'm terrified, how to meet it, what to do, how to live without income. It appears on the table will only sauerkraut and potatoes. She wrote a letter in response prezidentu- silence.

People kind, merciful, if anyone hears me help, I beg of you !!!!!!
Thanks in advance and save you, God.

 Money transfer Western Union:  Russia
recipient :  Panferova Natalya Viktorovna
card number Payoneer  5300 7211 2365 1256
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