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Break the vicious circle

My dream is to break the vicious circle. Parting with debts close mortgages, buy a car, do things like that. At the moment, every day drive themselves deeper into something viscous, ugly, gray and gloomy. I had to give up favorite thing - the music, and later did sell his guitar. More and more often have to borrow to pay off debts. Any financial assistance, as banal as it may sound, to save the situation, at least a little. If you get at least a "go to zero", get out of the minus, you can bet on the future and try not to fall into negative again. Now, more than going to the debt, the less you invest in your future - it's just a vicious circle, which, moreover, is shrinking. From all of these financial problems became bogged down on others, including his own wife and baby-daughter. Leave a link to, hoping for your help

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