Student needs money.. please help ..

I am a student, I live in Germany (stateless), I do not have any rights here, no apartment and I can not lift too (I live in an older woman apartament in a small room). I have to pay EUR 350 monthly for my study. I earn about 700 euros a month, half of them for study, another 150 on a credit for a laptop which is needed for the study, 50 for internet and telephone, and a further 50 per month for a lawyer (which takes the bare minimum because he has never such a complex case like me).

Remains of 100 euros.

My height is 1.98, and I weigh only 58 kg, because I eat bread and butter (in germany .. amazing, right?).

But that's not it, I have an iron will and sustain such a lifestyle (I still have 3 years studies).

I have debts in a timely manner to pay for the loan (laptop), I needed the money for treatment (I had heart problems,i can't voice them here).
To be precise the money went to the hospital, doctors and so on insurance cover.

In general, the debt already amounts to 4,000 euros, and I do not know what to do, I do not have anything that I could sell, i wear my jeans and shoes 3 years already..
I do not know what to do .. I thought about suicide but it's not the way out .. I'm not a weak person, but not the wizard too.

I would be happy about every penny .. please help.

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