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Money for little ferret

Hello everyone!

Most of the people have a pet at their homes. So do I. But my pet is a tiny bit unusual. It is neither a cat, nor a dog, it's a ferret!) This little boy is called Martie. We've been living together for 5 years already. Martie is so tender and fluffy and cute! I literally adore him!

But, unfortunately Martie has got ill. And this is not a simple illness that can be treated with meds, but it claims a surgery;( And my financial situation is not really good at all for today. (I moved from a big city to my native town. Also I am temporary unemployed).

So, I have to ask you all for help. Please, would you pay attention to my problem and give me a hope to cure my little ferret. I would be so much obliged to you!

Debit card (Sberbank): 4276 5500 6637 0407
WebMoney: Z139727831167

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