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Please Help Us-My Family Needs Your Help

Large family in need of help
If you want to do good, help a large family. In the new housing need children and adults. One of the children required surgery. One of the areas of social programs of our country – to support large families. But, despite the fact that it is the duty of the state to help the poor and socially vulnerable segments of the population, in practice, to achieve real benefits and financial support is sometimes impossible. And then private donations — the only salvation for many children. This family consists of seven people: parents and five minor children. One of the sons is disabled, and needs emergency surgery. Yes, and existing housing cannot be called appropriate. Adults and children live in a Studio apartment, the living area which is 15,4 square meters. Numerous appeals to local authorities failed. To independently acquire housing and to solve the issue of payment is not possible. And still rely on your help. If you are a caring person, you feel your moral duty and wished to do good, respond to our call.
If You want to help support it's easy! Just make sure to like, write comment and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and wherever You communicate on the Internet! If You want to provide financial assistance to the family, transfer money to Thank you!
I beg of you, of anyone to please help us. We naturally will accept any amount you can afford to give. All donations can be made through PayPal and can be done so with the Bank card of Sberbank 4276 1135 9268 8600. I will post our progress for as long as we have internet access. Also, if you would like to leave a comment please feel free to do so. Please do not leave negative comments, we are in a bad enough place as it is without being bashed virtually as well. If you don't agree with our cause we ask that you simply move on and refrain from verbal negativity.

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Everyone can help
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