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On really need You help!

I live in Latvia.
I'm sorry, badly write in English
On really need You help. Were in severe financial trouble. Lost a large sum of money questionable financial exchange. At fingt it secmed well earned, how much was paid to the family for life. But then stopped paying and even closed the financial exchange. In the family of a young child and the eldest daughter is study at University College. The problem is that I work and earn money small. Paid a mortgage and no way to earn more yet. Because the changes with my wife to sit with the child. money what is missing. If everyone would like to help I would be very grateful. please help, I'm not a cheater. I promise, if there will be extra money, I help the needy on this website, or transfer to the charity.
Thanks in advanced!

Bank DNB. LV07RIKO0001301875197.

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