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Hello! Never asked for help, all he sought. I am 44 years old. Work began with a 16-year-old. 26 years of experience including 20 years working in the Navy, and now the beach and all... was Never a miser, therefore, not saved. Four years ago, lost his memory, and with it your health (epilepsy, encephalopathy, ataxia, and asthma), work and faith in the future. Fired from his job at the health and a half years will not accept. Go pester to no avail. Focuses on the third group of disability it is impossible to live. Asking for help on. Yandex purse 410014708785657. Much as you can and stuff will be happy. Thank you and be well.

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  1. Samous Фото 12.02.2017
    Good people respond! No one is immune from painful problems. QIWI +79121169220

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