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Hello. My name is Nina Kuznetsova, I'm 25 years old. I am a single mother of a son, his name is Dennis, he was 4.6 years. I come from a remote village in a forest in north-west Russia, we do not have any conditions for the life of the children, so I decided to come to the city. I got a job in a shop, arranged for his son to kindergarten. Looking to rent a small apartment. But the store where I worked, was closed. And I was left without work and without a livelihood. It is very hard to find a job with a good work schedule to keep up with a child in kindergarten. For almost two months I'm not working, I had debts, for kindergarten, for rent. I could not even buy a baby jacket and shoes for the winter, I'm not talking about myself already. I appeal to you with a plea for help. I sincerely hope for your understanding. I really need your help ... I beg you. Help ...

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