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Opening a restaurant

Hello dear friends.
My name is Igor S. I am 32 years.
My team and I are engaged in the creation of a new network of family restaurants. 
- Where can people visit the different denominations. 
- The family-run restaurant you will be welcomed and service staff at the highest level. 
- The restaurant will be live music. 
- In the restaurant you will be able to hold a wedding, anniversary, any celebration, as well as a restaurant with the family, a date, a business meeting, or simply evaluate the dishes from the chef. 
We came to the point. 
- Our project is designed for 5 years. 
- To carry out this project, we need your help. 
- We need you to only a $1 donation to our project. 
- As a sign of gratitude, your name will be listed sacrificed to create restaurants. The list will be hanging on the main wall in a frame under glass. Those who make a donation of $10 and a photo in a frame on the wall. 
-Our details:- 
Z363459095309 - Dollar 
Paeer :
Private Bank:
4731185610867373 - Dollar 
Perfect Money: 

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Everyone can help
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