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Help !!!please need financial help

Good day..speak to You with a huge request ... My details for assistance (map 4276380101222391 Sberbank) it happened in my life that my dad left the family when I was 8 months and the mother was left alone with 2 children .we lived where we must, for rental housing, the mother was identified ... shook us is not frail at the time..the Bags and moving , changing schools permanent..I even friends could not get to know that you have to leave .First lived in Tashkent with her mother and brother, then moved to Tajikistan from 1987-1996 lived with my grandma, everything would be fine, but my beloved grandmother was gone.At that time there was a terrible famine , mom fed us could. .but living there became dangerous, we threatened to burn while we are sleeping (mom didn't sell the house, because nowhere to go) In the end we just survived, they sold the house for $ 500 and we left.Came in 1996 in Tashkent, lived with his uncle on the apartment ( this apartment intended for his eldest daughter) mom used to knit socks, how to live, and then settled at Uzbekfilm ... nothing but us ,, ,, asked out of the apartment, and we went to the area near Tashkent.Lived with mom's brother who lived there .. (he is still a despot and a barbarian) still hate my childhood. (I do not want my children to have onl been spoiled due to lack of livelihood) .so he tried to ruin .. he beat me and my brother ,, .. I was lifted by the hair at 5 am, and forced to clean floors while he is going to work ., while mothers did not have at home, punished for months..while all the kids were walking on the street , I was locked up..for months..But linardi, he raised his hand to my mom, and his brother hit back ... Rage in his eyes no limit , we thought he was going to kill brother (having thus Lived for 3 years, we received a telegram asking him to come to Novosibirsk, there lived my cousin..We came in 2000 in Russia.Mom got a job in a school , lived there, too ... (Yes, school) it was horrible my 3 year..when classmates learned where I live, they were surprised, some laughed ... developed complex ,, Homeless ,, I named him.Meanwhile, finished school, went to learn in school (since the documents of the Russian Federation still has not) received only there :-( but wanted to medical ..) lived 3 years at stud.the Dorm ... then Went to work..In the process met a man and had two children, lived with him.But it would seem found their peace , happiness, but ... family it was not there..the Husband started using drugs.He was fired from work , he brought out all that was in the apartment.Between that, hurt kids, me and my elderly mother.I worked as a Manager at the car wash , there was the room where I slept in that house Because it was dangerous.Children also lived with me at the sink..And one of the staff Said, buy the ticket and go to Moscow, do not suffer.You're a beautiful girl, find a man who will love you and your children.30 APR 2014 I arrived in Moscow.I confess very difficult to live, because of help from relatives I don't get.Brother married , all plunged into the wife, don't care about me .. and it used to be inseparable what happened to him I don't know..even Stopped to chat, call him, always to him Live with children, rent an apartment, it costs me with of 30 thousand.RUB. and s.p I have 35 thousand per month (max 40.000 ) my Son goes to first grade in the regular school fees, a daughter still small 5 years..All ZAR.fee butt..take barely barely make ends meet , constantly in debt, I can't even afford to buy them toys, not to mention sports clubs.In school for nutrition 500r. / week ... the garden is 3000.Daughter wants to go to karate ... and the son loves football crazy.But all this costs money , one lesson 200rub low, and their 3 times a week. ..Tears navorachivayutsya when you look them in the eye, and there's nothing to give ... I teach them to rejoice in the fact that you have, but understand that this is not enough I can give them.I fall asleep with a dream , to have their homes, it's nice to come to the house, where you can create coziness and warmth to their children , without fear that tomorrow we get kicked out, as it was in the previous apartment.Please help ..I'd appreciate any amount ... because so many of those, who have not lost humanity and is ready to help in difficult a good deed today,you will back welcome back..thanks in Advance

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