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Mine Saturday morning began not with kind morning, and with scandal. instead of "good morning", "get up" in mandative tone. It so mother woke me, so to speak expressed the love to me. I live separately from mother, the stepfather and the brother. They in one country I in another. Well and so I lived to myself quietly mother and the brother for 2 months to me didn't arrive yet, I of course very much was delighted, very much missed on them, but already there passed nearly a month and I very much want that they back to themselves went. Every day of the relation with mother it is worse and worse as if I returned to the childhood!!! and my childhood was I will tell you not really sweet and cheerful. I probably will never forget it as she beat me, criticized and didn't put in anything. I can't forget two cases when in the evening we set the table of Iya to it helped, and to me then was can up to 10 years I bore a plate and incidentally dropped it and it broke, I not specially made it, and it turned and with all force to me will hit on a face at me the lip burst and blood swept on lips to a neck all undershirt was splodgy with my blood and me even forbade to cry, told "Told that a sound didn't hear" and I went to itself to the room. The father approached then me even after a dinner and embraced, and told it why you made it. There was one more case I then was even less, on the street summer, weather excellent, and I still the child want to play with girls, always all allowed all, and to me isn't present (well and so I went outside after all though on пл on it wasn't at home an hour. I played and forgot that it is necessary to run home, but here reminded me where I have to be, it quietly me visors came we mother and here began... it took a cord about rubber jump ropes and rushed with words I that told you anywhere not to leave! I so shouted: mummy don't beat me, to me it is painful!!! I didn't know where to hide I from pain on a floor writhed and climbed under a sofa, it pulled out me and let's on new beat. When I departed from painful shock I saw as my hands legs all body in bruises and grazes from a rope. I never it will forgive it!! Ours of the relation began to be improved when she began to go abroad for work, I with the brother remained on education of the grandmother in the area of the father. I matured, became independent for the brother looked, the grandmother well brought up us and we tried to listen always to it and it thanks for it. But I began to notice that the more we together with it, the worse every day of the relation at us. She begins to carp at any trifles, or the brother can will be late somewhere with friends she begins to shout at him and to me gets when I begin to protect myself it to me tells a mouth close you have no right to vote! And me so offensively to got down {#} it with heating so words offends that I want to pack things and to leave from the house so far they won't depart. I have one joy this is my darling, only he will support me and will give advice, but it is wanted to be taken away in army, I won't be able without its support... He doesn't know what to me will be, he (mother and her attitude towards me) knows nothing about it, you the first to whom I decided to write what childhood at me was. I ask you who has kids don't break them, don't cause them injuries physical and moral. At me because of it consequences nervous system very bad have followed, I 1 or 2 times a year receive medical treatment. I haven't written a lot of things, but also I don't want because I write and I cry with offense. Only behind his back, I feel protected. Help who can, on the military ID or the reference. Forgive for mistakes. 639002189000415475 (sberbank MAESTRO) number of the card, mail

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