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I have a big dream about a new Nikon d7200=))))

I have a big dream about a new Nikon d7200
Good afternoon! I feel shame for my request.. Somebody have big problems with money, somebody needs money for therapy and recovery, somebody have to compens his credit. A here I am with my simple dream... But if this web-site alloes everybody to share his dream, why not?
So, let's start from the beginning. I'm a professional pfotographer already for 9 years. I was on seventh cloud when my parents made me a gift: my first Nikon 3200. It was just amazing! And it was all the time with me, we've been together through thick and thin! But, like all the technologies one day it becomes obsolete and anyway it is not eternal. At this moment I'm without any camera and I'm dreaming about new one! New Nikon d7200. Last year I wrote a letter with my wish to our russian Santa, but he didn't bring me this present :) Only if it would be any "Santa" who could realize my dream... I need just 70 000 rubles! alloes -> allows
card number: 4276 1620 7589 8848

phone number : +7 912 644 53 73

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