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Dream of a beautiful smile

Good day to all! My name is Olesya and I am a student ASMU. In our small town is hard work, especially for students, but I try as best I can, I earn anywhere and give all anything ... money that I earn is barely enough for the most necessary and I do not have the possibility to postpone at least the minimum amount. My parents were in debt, and try not to burden them with their needs, nothing they did not ask. But I have a little dream. It just so happens that I have formed is not entirely correct, there are some defects in the development and because one of them, I have a very crooked teeth and bad overbite. Not only is it unattractive looks, my teeth hurt because of this, there were problems with the maxillary joints, cavities appear, since I can not carry out a complete cleaning, the teeth are destroyed faster. Such pathology amenable to correction only with the help of braces, which I, unfortunately, I can not afford, because the cost of the installation brackets in our city from the 50 th., Excluding the cost of further treatment. The older I get, the harder and more expensive treatment, all this does not leave me a chance ...Therefore, I ask. Who has the opportunity, help me, please, in the performance of my dreams. I really want beautiful smile. ..the number of my credit card Savings Bank 4276 0200 1574 3427 

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