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a losing struggle with debt

Hello everyone. I apologize for such a trivial request. but, for me it is a matter between life and death, I'm sorry. we came here from Kyrgyzstan, I, my two children and mother. and at home, and here we are trying to do to solve their problems, one that does not burden. in the family we always consult on how to manage finances, consult with all, and with younger and with older, always stick together. possible help to others in need. but now we need big help. when my family moved, I was able to get a mortgage in the city of Kovrov, because money for purchase of housing was not, fathers of children do not have, they abandoned their children, helps me mom as you can, and maybe it is not so much due to poor health. the apartment is in need of repair and furniture for children, therefore, here had in short order to take money on credit. I had to go to Moscow, in our city a sum not earn, and the kids grow, develop. my eldest has a dream that she has been here 10 years, she loves horses, going to horse school, but because of the credits I can't buy her all that is required for this. younger also started to have problems with health, and with uspevaemosti. me close, often no, it is not enough my love, I'm going to Moscow, I can't go back to our city, we are then powaznym in debt. I understand that my request is not the original and not the first, but my heart cry the loudest probably. I've tried to cope with this force, and health leads, the body has no time to recover after a day, I go to jobs in other places and is increasingly visited by thoughts about how to leave this world, so I'm drowning in this swamp. can't seem to pull himself and his family. very worried for the mother, who is seriously one of my children, they don't always listen, I'm really bad without them, I really miss them, they have grown up without me in their lives, they realize that I'm doing it all only for them, but they need a mother's love. which makes me feel even worse, I increasingly began to break, depression is not far off, the most scary for me. please, please help, it's desperation has forced me to appeal to all people. I am very ashamed of what I have made this situation and dragged the whole family into it. help, please. please don't judge me. because of debts to banks we have accumulated a debt on the apartment was the warning about disconnection of gas, water and light.
we all live together in a Studio apartment, room size: 31 sq. m where I sleep with two children of different sexes, what else exacerbates the situation by saying that they have to live separately, and I can't give them that opportunity, my mother lives in the kitchen. here is the confusion the letter worked, sorry, all the emotions. it just smothers is so that you do not want to live, but I live for my kids. please help us, please. the sum of my huge, I understand that, but I'm working to reduce it, much as you can. we will be very grateful for any help. even for the moral, I really need it at the moment, there is no person with whom you can talk about it, the mother did not want to upset, she got one, the priest is also not always listen completely. I thank you in advance to everyone who responds. everyone who is on this site asking for help, I wish to find her, everyone who helps, but you will be rewarded a hundredfold. my number 8 999 96 772 53 the required amount 413000

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