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Help to implement creative ideas. I am a poet-novelist, to do science. I have a lot of creative developments and plans. A collection of poems "Seed mist" , the story "man from the planet AZ", a collection of short stories "I am commanded to be HUMAN", a collection of children's poems and prose a "Living world". In popular plan books of knowledge "Art and cognition, or the art of knowledge", "Philosophy made easy".
Expected that will retire all realize, but...retirement for 11 thousand rubles. not only to live, not survive. Have to work for pennies.
For the realization of their creative plans I want freedom, leisure, and money for me is freedom.
By my count, five years (during this period I hope to implement their plans) I need the sum of 1000000руб. On average 220 thousand a year.
Ready to get this sum of the parts and to report its work each year. Every book page will be dedicated to the sponsor. I can send the already released collection of poems, "the eye of the soul" to explore my creativity.
Help me to realize my creative plans, as long as I have health.
My data:
Visa 7702 2200 0400 1988
Yandex money 410011132442735
kiwi wallet 89120045204
webmoney R 214066053965
tel: +79120045204

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