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This is a mutual assistance project!

Do not regret 5 minutes of your precious time and read to the end!
This is a mutual assistance project!
If you need financial assistance - this is your chance!
Be sure to comply with the project rules! Otherwise nothing will work out!
What should I do and how does the project work?
The project acts on the principle: helping the second - help yourself!
Your actions:
At the bottom of the text there are 6 numbers of people who need help. You transfer to all 6 numbers of cards for 10 UAH (REQUIRED !!!)
After that copy the text of this message, delete the number of the card that is the first one and you only have 5 numbers, and the sixth number insert your card number!
And place this announcement, already with the number of your card in the 6th column, in various forums, social networks or free ads! The more people see your ad and participate in this project, the more financial aid you will receive!
Just do not forget to dump for 10 UAH for all 6 rooms DOWNLOAD!
Because each subsequent person can do the same, and in the end nobody will receive any help!
Card numbers:
3. 5168 7572 2925 1162
4. 5168 5319 7391 9799
5. 4790 7000 0711 1710
6. 4149 6258 1494 9085
(So ??far, the project does not have 6 participants)

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Everyone can help
1 To do good, transfer money to the account. You can also contact the author.
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