Dream of all life...

Hello, my name is Marina, I am 26 years old. Since the childhood I had the unique dream when I grow up and will become adult, I will buy the car. And here I have grown up, and there is no car and. And probably any more never will also appear.... We live with the son, my mother and the grandmother, for my scanty salary and pension of the grandmother. I tried as that to earn, thought we will heal, opened business, but from this nothing left - crisis has eaten everything... And the car for me any more not just a dream, and means of additional earnings.... In our city it is sick where not to settle and furthermore for combination. Except as in a taxi and as there is no experience of driving, it only on the. I don't want the foreign car, at least the old car of the Russian production, the main thing what on the run. I of course understand, people on treatment, payment of debts, the help after the fire or a flood ask here..., etc. etc... just though I already and adult, but still trust in miracles, especially in anticipation of New year! With coming you. Happiness, health and what each your dream would be executed in following year. 
Maybe the miracle will come true. For someone 1-5 cents the trifle, and for me is a small step to execution of a dream!!!
Here my purse WebMoney Z568599586647 
In advance many thanks to you for the help and your kindness

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