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Colder and longer snow

Htllo.Zhivu in the village with a sick mother does not work because it needs care ney..A we live on her pension of 7,683 rubles and my rare underworking. The money all goes almost lekarstvo.Vyzhivaem as we can.
We ask for help if there is a possibility but who will pay for the course in gas Honestly can not spravitsya.Pomogite for God's sake.It is difficult and even very harsh winter now.
Thank you in advance.

Map Savings Bank 639002609059378308

  • 5-12-2016 |
  • 20:12 |
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    Pleas help me. Donbass Ukrain.

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    Hello. Asking for help from people who are really willing to help. My situation is complicated and

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