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Good day! Please help,this is the cry of the soul!At the time my husband took out a loan that was successfully paid but at the time it happened some things that changed my life dramatically.Husband left us and I was left alone with daughters which this year will go to school (then went cuts at work, respectively ,in time to pay the loan that was issued to me did not work.Got a rabid interest I tried pertinate have friends that like to get out of the situation ,but alas, duty strangled me(.At the moment my loan work debt collectors plus friends to retrieve.With my now damaged credit history and salary 7800 T. R. banks new loans to repay old not give.m y debt is 137 000 tons.R, I BEG for your HELP!!!CAN SOMEONE 10-50P CAN POWERBOAT ,I'M SURE THE WORLD IS NOT WITHOUT KIND PEOPLE!!! I'M NOT ASKING YOU TO GIVE ME THIS MONEY , YOU CAN UNFOLLOW ME I'LL GIVE!!! my card number Sberbank
639002279001799611 THANK YOU!!! AND MAY GOD GRANT YOU HEALTH!!!

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